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How to deal with emotional triggers

Emotional triggers is the theme of the week, as it’s a major issue for drug users.

Emotional trigger people are the ones that do and say stuff that gets into your head which then drives you crazy. You go over and over what they said or did and argue and fight back with them endlessly, but all in your head.

It never gets resolved and it can go on for years. It happens to everyone but is worse for drug users because your behaviour on drugs automatically makes everyone feel they have the right to judge you, and you are so emotionally unbalanced you can’t process or deal with any judgement, so you take more drugs, your actions become more extreme, as does the reaction to you, and it becomes a Catch 22 situation.

This happened to me when I was a drug user and after I quit.

It’s frustrating and it can contribute to relapse as running battles in your head uses up the energy and positivity that you need for recovery. Getting triggered is always to do with chi stagnation. The solution is to immediately use physical, psychological and spiritual movement strategies.

Squats: burn up the resentment and frustration that gets stored in the lower body / legs.

Mantra: “I create” resets the mind loop and reminds you of your purpose

Meditate: An experience of your cosmic self reminds you of how irrelevant trigger people are to you in the big picture context.